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Let me introduce you to the team that support the Thai kids in needs.
On my left, Claudine Caucheteau, an amazing woman that have dedicated her entire life to support the disadvantages kids.
Her association has took under her wings all the kids in need in Thailand.

On my right, Khun Nui, the initiator and the certified football coach as well as the one who has been doing everything on his power to help and support those kids so fare.
Khun Nui is a Samui Police Tourist officer in
He has been reaching out for help and support from big companies for donations.

He is giving the land under his existing house to build the dormitory and has been trying to collect donations and support to make this possible.

I have met Khun Nui through Claudine 3 years ago and I did my best to help him since, as much as I could.

This year is an important year for this institution to come to life.

My name is Loulou Bleue and I am just simply giving a little push reaching out to my amazing friends and all my professional and personal connections in Samui to make this beautiful project see the beautiful day for all the kids to have the great opportunity to choose the life they want and have the chance to create a better future for themselves, boys AND girls!!!!

And Blue Home project is born but we need all your support and help to bring this organisation to another level.


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